Deborah Taylor

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Revive, rebalance,

transform your health

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a natural, science-based approach to optimal health, seeking to identify and understand potential imbalances which may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns. Rather than just addressing symptoms, a Nutritional Therapist approaches each client holistically, combining nutrition and lifestyle changes to support these imbalances, which may be impacting health, wellness and vitality.

Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are combined with a programme of supplements, herbs and natural remedies, if necessary, to support and address health needs. Plans are tailored to each person’s distinct needs, taking into account lifestyle, culture and food preferences.

Although Nutritional Therapy is not an alternative to other medical and psychological therapies, it is a complex, yet accessible, intervention that can have a positive effect on your body, influencing your own wellbeing and quality of life. As well as seeking support for specific symptoms, more people are now finding Nutritional Therapy a proactive and personalised approach to better health.

Nutritional Therapists may use functional testing to ‘dig deeper’ and enhance in depth consultations to find the root cause of a client’s symptoms. However, Nutritional Therapists do not diagnose or treat disease and any recommendations are not an alternative to medical treatment and advice. Taylored Nutrition works alongside medical professionals to support individuals’ wellbeing, and clients may be referred to their GP for diagnosis or testing.

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